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Garage Door Automation

The TS series remote control is a quick pre-assembly system with automatic chain tensioning that is totally maintenance free.

Loved by those fitting it themselves and the professional installer the TS series has all extras already built-in to the system.

Choice of 5 Garage Door Automation Systems

All our operating systems incorporate an automatic safety reverse feature - standard on all Seip operators - when the operator meets an obstruction it will automatically reverse

garage door automation RP60A The RP60S - is recommended for use with single Up and Over garage doors & Sectional garage doors
garage door automation TM80 The TM80 - is designed for heavier single garage doors with a steel or timber frame or a standard double sized garage door.
garage door automation TS100 The TS100 - is designed for heavier double garage doors and garages with up to 25 cars. It is also recommended for canopy type garage doors. (Up and Over doors, Sectional doors, canopy doors & Side hinged)
tiziano The BFT Tiziano is one of the most compact operators on the market and can be installed in any architectural context. With the radio receiver incorporated in the control unit, the TIZIANO can store the codes of as many as 10 MITTO or KLEIO series remote controls and/or wireless control systems such as RB or T-BOX.
nrg garage door automation The Nrg Black edition garage door operator is a Powerful 800n operator with  hidden program buttons, an  LED courtesy light, obstacle detection, built in ‘Open’ alarm, soft start & stop and a belt drive for smooth operation. You have a choice of one or three piece booms  with heights up to 2500mm

Features And Benefits

  • Soft start soft stop, enabling your door to set off gently in both directions, rather than jolting it instantly reducing its longevity.
  • Automatic force measurement, once setup is complete the TS series remote control knows exactly how much force is required to open and close your door. Should this measurement alter the door will stop and depending on the direction, reverse.
  • Simple limit switch adjustment Opening and closing limit switches are very simple to set and can be minutely adjusted.
  • Emergency release, Should your garage suffer a power cut, the TS series has an emergency release lever that allows the door to be used on manual. Once power is back on, the remote control automatically engages itself and returns the remote control to a fully automated state.
  • 4-channel hand transmitters, The TS series comes complete with two 4- channel hand transmitters.
  • Internal wireless wall station, Not only are two transmitters included, but an internal wireless wall station is included so that your handsets do not have to be taken everywhere you go.


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