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Induction Loops

Cut into the ground is a specialised loop cable that detects vehicles or depending on the variable sensitivity, other metal objects.

No matter what your requirements, whether hard wired, wireless, digital, modular or GSM systems, please call us and we will do all we can to provide you with the right system, at the right price for your planned installation.

Single channel loop detectors are for a free exit, in which you can drive towards your automated gates, barrier, bollard or other automated systems and it open automatically. This also acts as a safety system if installed and wired to current safety standards.

Dual channel loop detectors are for both entrance and exit. Linking the dual channel induction loop to a timer allows considerable control and security of your automated entrance system. For example, people can only enter and exit at the times you desire.

Specifically designed for ease of use, the LD range of loop detectors use micro-processor based technology and offers great functionality. With thousands sold every year specifically for the gate automation and parking industry they have a great reputation and come complete with a full two year warranty.

induction loop

Technical Details:

  • One or Two channels with selectable N/O or N/C contacts
  • Pulse + Presence settings (extendable pulse)
  • Directional logic
  • 2 Frequency settings
  • 8 Sensitivity settings
  • Fits 11 pin base (included)
  • Dip switch settings / LED diagnostic display
  • 230v (12 – 24v version LD 202)