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Audio Intercoms

3K1S 1-way intercom kit £ POA
3K2S 2-way intercom kit £ POA
3K1S / CL 1-way intercom kit + codelock £ POA
3K2S / CL 2-way intercom kit + codelock £ POA
3K3S to 3k12S 3 to 12 way intercom kit £ POA
4K1 1-way intercom kit £ POA
4K2S 2-way intercom kit £ POA
4K1S / CL 1-way intercom kit + keycode £ POA
4K2S / CL 2-way intercom kit + keycode £ POA
4K3 to 4K12 3 to 12 way intercom kit £ POA


Audio Intercoms 3K1S

This kit ranges from 1 to 12 call stations (larger on request) and can be either surface or flush mounted.

When a caller presses the call button this produces an electronic call tone at the telephone handset. When answered, the caller and occupant can have a two way conversation. If required the occupant can then release the door/gate by pressing the designated button on the telephone handset.


Audio Intercoms 4K1S

The 4000 series audio intercom entry kits benefit from advanced features such as electronic call tone generation and lock release relay included within the door panel This reduces the cable requirements between the handset(s) and the door panel to only 4 connections. For this reason larger cable distances using small core sizes can be achieved between the door panel and telephones.

The one button 4K1 intercom kit comprises of one outdoor station, including a one call button speaker unit, a smart series line wall mount telephone and an ART321 power supply.

The 4K2 is the same as the 4K1 but the two button versions’ outdoor station has two call push button speaker units with a maximum of 10.

All of the above audio intercoms can have a codelock (keypad) built in to allow coded access.

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