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Daitem Wireless Intercom

1 way wireless DAITEM intercom £349.50
1 way wireless DAITEM intercom + keypad £349.50
2 way wireless DAITEM intercom £657.00
2 way wireless DAITEM intercom + keypad £636.00
Multi-way wireless DAITEM intercom + keypad £ POA

The DAITEM range of intercoms uses radio technology and is totally wire-free and totally mobile.

As there is no wiring required with the outdoor caller unit, the DAITEM intercom system opens up a whole array of possibilities, including multiple handsets, total mobility, no damage to interior design...etc.

The DAITEM radio intercom control access in many different applications from residential, apartment buildings, renovated buildings, surgeries and various small business premises.

All DAITEM wireless intercoms come complete with call station, receiver box, rechargeable telephone and proximity token. The proximity token scans across the DAITEM and allows full control of the system. For a two way DAITEM, an extra telephone and proximity token is included.

For a three way intercom or more (to a maximum of 30-ways), only the call station, received box and one main telephone station is included. If more are required then please purchase these separately.