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GSM Intercoms

  with codelock (keypad)
4K1S / GSM 1 button surfacekit £716.25 £888.23
4K2S / GSM 2 button surface kit £750.75 £930.53
4K2S / GSM 3 button surface kit £861.30 £1035.80
4K2S / GSM 4 button surface kit £871.70 £1037.87
4K1 / GSM 1 button flush kit £730.95 £910.46
4K2 / GSM 2 button flush kit £888.23 £910.46
4K3 / GSM 3 button flush kit £825.26 £983.01
4K4 / GSM 4 button flush kit £829.05 £986.05

The GSM intercom employs mobile phone technology to communicate and operate doors and automated gate systems. Based on the 4000 series doors entry panel design, incorporating mirror stainless steel fascias and a gun metal grey die-cast surround, the GSM is totally self contained and only requires an external power supply.

With up to 10 call stations, each calling 2 numbers allowing the system to divert a call if the first number is busy or not answered the GSM is programmable by both dialling into the GSM and using a telephone keypad or by SMS.

All our GSM intercoms have up to 250 built in access codes dependant on the SIM card used. This allows a user (or users) to call the GSM intercom and activate the lock output relay at no charge to the caller.

GSM Intercom 1 button surface kit c/w codelock GSM Intercom Two button surface kit

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