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Video Intercoms

VK4KS 1-way mono video intercom kit £POA With codelock £POA
VK4K2S 2-way mono video intercom kit £POA With codelock £POA
CVK4KS 1-way colour video intercom kit £POA With codelock £POA
CVK4K2S 2-way colour video intercom kit £POA With codelock £POA

Both the VK4K and the VKC4K are a disability friendly video intercom that combines both style and functionality into a flexible customisable kit.

Both of the video intercom kits above are available in a one and two button version with the option of mono or colour video. This highly flexible kit can be expanded to include up to four entrance points, four videophones per apartment and include a number of accessories such as extension audio phones and sounders. Disability features such as call progressing LED’s and reassurance tones are available.

Advantages of this video intercom system include adjustable timed calling, adjustable timed door release, adjustable timed privacy facility, intercommunication between videophones and door selectable camera recall.

VK4K Intercom  VK4K Intercom 

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