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Timer Controls

Timer controls for gates or any other automation system allows considerable control and security of your automated entrance without even having to push a button.

If you would like the system to open 5 minutes before you go to work and close 5 minutes after you return you can. If you want to open your gates all day, yet close them for an hour or two over lunch you can. Any time you want the gates open and closed can all be preset.

You can even set the timer differently for each day of the week, with 3 channels (on/off periods) per 24 hours. Programmable holiday settings can be done in advance of departure for any period of time.

The large LCD screens give clear programme information that is simple to follow. The timers are mains powered and have a battery back up to store all your information should power fail.

timer centuarplus c17

CentuarPlus C17 single channel timer

Single circuit electronic programmer, with up to 3 On and Off settings per day.

Weekday / Weekend programming. Any of 7 days can be given weekday / weekend programming.

Back lit display and automatic GMT/BST clock, 18 month battery back up.

Simple to use: just three buttons control normal operation.

timer channelplus h17xl

ChannelPlus H17XL single channel timeswitch

Single channel, digital, 7 day (each day of the week can be setup differently).

Back lit digital display.

Battery backup (saves your settings in event of power failure).

Automatic summer / winter time change.