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Traffic Barriers

Automated traffic barriers are an excellent solution to controlling movement of vehicles as well as protecting high valuable spaces and can furthermore act as a prevention to crime.

They have the benefit of controlling traffic but allow pedestrians and cyclists to easily navigate through. The control traffic barriers can be controlled in many ways, the most common being by remote control or ground loops.
Security Feature

MCL (Michelangelo)Traffic Barrier

The MCL (Michelangelo) is a very popular, intensive use 24v Traffic Barrier. An added security feature is that the traffic barrier will stop and reverse on detecting an obstacle.


  • 3 versions available - 4m, 6m or 8m
  • Rapid movement - 1m per second
  • Excellent safety feature - stops and reverses on detecting an obstacle
  • Fan cooled control panel mounted under hinged lid
  • Boom lighting kit available

 bft michelangelo 250


MCL 40 Kit £1762.28
MCL 60 Kit £1935.62
MCL 80 Kit 2131.18

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