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Sectional Doors

The elegant automation sectional doors open vertically upwards, therefore creating more space both inside and in front of the garage – and the entire passage area is free.

Sectional doors fit anywhere, no matter whether your garage opening is rectangular or chamfered, or has segmental or a Norman arch.  Therefore, they are ideally suited for subsequent modernisation.

There are many advantages that set a sectional door apart.  All in all, you will enjoy the practical advantages every day and can conveniently drive into your garage at the push of a button.

Enhance and personalise the look and feel of your home with a sectional overhead door.

With the front of your house having approximately 25% taken up by your garage door, security and kerbside appeal can be greatly increased with a sectional garage door.

A garage door is not something that many of us regularly buy yet has such a great impact on how your house looks.  Replacing an old or disliked design or colour is an excellent opportunity to personalise your home.

Single or double-skinned steel garage doors

There are three panel thicknesses to choose from:

Single-skinned LTE doors are our least expensive version and are ideal for free-standing garages that do not need any thermal insulation.

Double-skinned EPU doors provide excellent thermal insulation and are the right choice if your garage adjoins the house or affords access to it.

Double-skinned LPU doors offer the best-possible insulation.  Particularly recommended if you also use your garage as a hobby room or would like to lower your energy costs.  Moreover, the 42mm thick sections give the door greater stability and make for quiet operation.

Colour Options

The single and double-skinned steel doors are supplied as standard in traffic white. The double-skinned garage doors are additionally available in 15 inexpensive factory colours.

ral8028 ral8001 ral6005 ral7040
Terra Brown
Ral 8028
Ochre Brown
Ral 8001
Moss Green
Ral 6005
Window Grey
Ral 7040
ral9016 ral7035 ral5011
Blue Silver
Ral 5014
Traffic White
Ral 9016
Lightning Grey
Ral 7035
Steel Blue
Ral 5011
ral5003 ral3043 ral6009 ral7030
Sapphire Blue
Ral 5003
Ruby Red
Ral 3003
Fir Green
Ral 6009
Stone Grey
Ral 7030
ral1015 ral9006 cb ral7016
Light Ivory
Ral 1015
White Aluminium
Ral 9006
Clay Brown
Ral 8003
Ral 7016