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Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side hung doors are available in a variety of styles to suit your home. They are ideal if your garage will not allow for a tracked door mechanism such as a sectional or up & over garage door.

Many people have realised the practicality of side-hinged doors, particularly where the garage isn’t used for a vehicle and frequent access is required as the garage is used as a large storeroom for tools, toys and very often freezers or laundry facilities as well as workshop, gym or general room.

The traditional pair of side hinged doors gives the person on foot easy access to the garage without having to raise the full one piece or sectional door.

Improve the look of your home and access to the garage with a side hinged garage door.

Side hinged garage doors are available for standard openings up to approximately 8ft wide, or made to measure up to 9ft wide.  Certain style can be produced for larger openings on request, however the hinges and framework have to be considerably larger to take the extra weight and can often become more like a gate.

Using timber for your side hinged garage door allows a unique design to be incorporated.  You can completely personalise your door, or choose from a wide range of traditional standard designs.  There is a wide range of furniture available to complete your own design with either a traditional or contemporary feel.

The steel and GRP ranges are limited in design compared to timber, yet still have purpose made size and optional window feature.

Side hinged doors can be produced with either a 50/50 or 1/3 and 2/3 split opening.  The second option is considered very useful for convenient pedestrian access should it be required.

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side hinged garage door3

side hinged garage door3
50 / 50 split opening 1/3 and 2/3 split opening Improve the look of your home

If there is a lack of headroom in your garage, then the side hinged garage door provides the perfect solution.  Side hinged garage doors are also perfect solution for those who have garages that are fitted out with shelves or racking close to the door.  Meters and pipe work can also be by-passed by having a side hinged door.  The lack of tracks or panels protruding back into the garage doors that you have no worries about the door being fouled in any way shape or form.

The drive-through widths and height on side hinged is maximised, providing the doors open to 90° and alongside the lack of lifting gear means this particular type of garage door is relatively maintenance free.   There are no springs, cones or cables to maintain, or replace in years to come.

Electric Operation

Contrary to myth and many people’s beliefs, side hinged doors CAN be automated and therefore operated by remote control.  The majority of boom style operators, combined with a conversion kit will run all side hinged garage doors.

Take a look at our automation page should you wish to enquire or purchase the automation system to suit your side hinged door.

Doors open outwards so check that drive does not slope upwards and that doors can fully open.

Be aware if your garage is in front of a public area or pathway that the doors will open into that area, check with your local authority that this is acceptable.

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