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Consider the security of your home when all the family is out... access to your property is restricted by automated gates, controlled and locked by you or your family. Without automation we all know that gates are invariably left open – particularly in bad weather. Consider the convenience and security of arriving home in the wind and rain in dark winter nights, when your gates open and close at the touch of a button, allowing you access without leaving the comfort and safety of your car.

Consider the situation where you and your family can vet callers before they knock on your front door, with an audio or video intercom system, and then activate the gate, all controlled by you from inside your home. Consider the safety of your young children playing outside on the drive and your peace of mind, knowing access to and from the road is barred and controlled once again by you. Consider your vehicles parked on the drive, safe and secure from car thieves night and day, as access to and from the road is restricted by an automatic gate system.

There are many designs and types of entrance gates available.  You may already have gates fitted which enhance the look of your home, the next consideration is how to automate your gates and which operators would work best.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates offer a number of advantages over swing gates. More popular in mainland Europe than the UK, sliding gates can prove the answer to many problems concerned with automated gates.

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Swing Gates

Within the swinging gates category there are two decisions to be made. Firstly, ‘Do you want above ground or below ground motors’? The second is a choice between ‘Electro-mechanical’ or ‘Hydraulic’ motors.