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Electric Sliding Gates

Sliding gates offer a number of advantages over swing gates.  More popular in mainland Europe than the UK, sliding gates can prove the answer to many problems concerned with automated gates.A sliding gate does not need the space that a swing gate requires to open.  This leaves the full length of the driveway for either parking more vehicles, or for restricted space or even if your driveway is onto a main road. A closed sliding gate offers better resistance to being forced than a pair of swing gates and therefore provides higher security.  They will also work across an upward sloping driveway whereas swing gates would not.

We stock, supply, install and repair a range of sliding gate motors to suit all applications.  From single user domestic gates weighing around 300kg to continuously rated Industrial sliding gates weighing up to 4tonnes.Whatever the gate, we have the right motor to match.  If you cannot decide which system suits your application best, please call us to help us find the application that meets your requirements.

Electric Sliding Gates Gallery

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