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ARES 1000 Sliding Gate Kit

AREs 1000 Kit £879.44

The BFT ARES 1000 is a 24v sliding gate kit that is suitable to operate gates that weigh up to 1000kg
This is a non-reversing motor that can be used on high intensity operated gates which also offers the safety of obstacle detection using the D-track technology which is a speed and position management system built into the control panel.
Other great features of the BFT equipment is that once you have programmed a remote into the control board you never need to go back into the panel to add remotes.
By using the EE link technology you can now copy a remote controls data to another remote simply by pressing the buttons in a certain sequence while stood next to the gates.

Kit includes:

  • 24 Volt, EN Compliant, 2Year warranty.
  • Sliding Gate Motor With Internal Control Panel.
  • 2 x Radio Transmitters.
  • 1 x Pair Safety Photocells
  • 1 x Radio Antenna
  • 4 Metres of Drive Rack
bft ares 1000 sliding gate kit