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ICARO Sliding Gate Kit

 ICARO KIT £1162.64

A sliding gate kit for very intensive use, an extremely sturdy and high-performance electro-mechanical sliding motor.

Designed for apartment block / multi-user and industrial applications, the ICARO can push and pull a massive 2000kg gate.

The ICARO is continuously rated, meaning there is no limit to how many times it can be operated in a 24 hour period yet offers a maximum safety with anti-squash protection by the means of a micro-processor which guarantees innovative torque control and inverts the direction in case of obstacles in opening and closing.

icaro1  icaro2 

Technical Details:

Operator Icaro
Power Supply 230v
Absorbed Power 750W
Max. leaf weight 20000N (~2000kg)
Output revolutions 37 / min -1
Pinion Pitch; 4mm (18 teeth)
Leaf speed 9.0m / min
Impact Reaction Electronic clutch with encoder
Manual manoeuvre Mechanical release with personalised key
No. operations in 24 hrs Continuous service
Control Panel LEO MA
Type of limit device Electro-mechanical or inductive
Environmental conditions From -15&degC to + 60&degC
Degree of protection IP24
Operator weight 250N (~25kg)