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SUB KIT £1999.52 Single Gate SUB KIT £1210.19
SUB R KIT £2048.40 Single Gate SUB R KIT £1233.98
SUB BT (24v) KIT £2067.62 Single Gate SUB BT (24v) KIT £1521.35
SUB EL KIT £2081.31 Single Gate SUB EL KIT £1483.80
SUB G KIT £2240.48 Single Gate SUB G KIT £1281.50

The SUB is a hydraulic underground operator available only as 230v. Used for residential and apartment-block / multi-user swing gate systems with a maximum leaf length and weight of 3.5 metres and 800kg. The neatest and most concealed operator the SUB is hardly noticeable, until your gates open automatically. Created initially for ornamental iron gates where an operator on the back would be very conspicuous, situated underground the SUB has become a very popular motor and recognized as a high quality professional gate operator.

Depending on which model you choose decides if the operator is reversible or not and the degree of opening you can achieve. The majority of SUB operators allow for an opening angle of 130° and have a hydraulic lock built in, yet other can achieve 180° but require an electric lock.

The SUB is also situated within its very own CPS foundation box.

All SUB kits include:

  • 2 x SUB operators
  • 2 x underground foundation boxes with lids
  • 1 x Rigel 5 Control panel
  • 1 x Pair C130 safety photocells
  • 2 x Dual channel rolling code Handsets
  • 1 x Radio Antenna

*** Please note *** single gate kits contain 1 x motor and 1 x foundation box

 sub1 sub2 

Technical Details

OperatorSubSub RSub ELSub ERSub G
Power Supply 230v 230v 230v 230v 230v
Absorbed Power 250W 250W 250W 250W 250W
Max. leaf weight 8000N (~800kg) 8000N (~800kg) 8000N (~800kg) 8000N (~800kg) 8000N (~800kg)
Max. leaf length 1.80m 1.80m 3.50m 2.50m 1.80m
Max. Opening angle 130° 130° 130° 130° 180°
Rotation speed 5.4°/sec 9.0°/sec 3.9°/sec 9.0°/sec 5.4°/sec
Slow down - Opening and closing - Opening and closing -
Impact Reaction Hydraulic clutch Hydraulic clutch Impact Reaction Hydraulic clutch Hydraulic clutch
Type of lock Built-in Built-in Elec. lock required Elec. lock required Built-in
Manual manoeuvre Release key Release key Reversible Reversible Release key
No. operations in 24 hrs 500 500 500 500 500
Environmental conditions From -10&degC to + 60°C; From -10&degC to + 60°C; From -10&degC to + 60°C; From -10&degC to + 60°C; From -10&degC to + 60°C;
Degree of protection IP67 IP67 IP67; IP67 IP67
Operator weight 220N (~22kg) 220N (~22kg) 220N (~22kg) 220N (~22kg) 220N (~22kg)

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