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Phobos N KIT (1.8m) £690.02 Single Gate Phobos N KIT £474.68
Phobos N BT KIT (1.8m) £690.02 Single Gate Phobos N BT KIT £480.31
Phobos NL Kit (3.0m) £829.78 Single Gate Phobos Phobos NL Kit £568.25
Phobos NL-BT (24v) Kit (3.0m) £829.78 Single Gate Phobos NL-BT (24v) Kit (3.0m) £615.79

Available in either 230v or 24v the PHOBOS is a residential use electro-mechanical operator for swing gates with a maximum leaf length and weight of 1.8m and 250kg.

An irreversible operator, the PHOBOS is provided with a worm screw fully protected by an aluminium cylinder, an electric torque limiter on the control panel and manual override.

All Phobos kits include:
2 x Phobos or Phobos BT operators
1 x Altair / Libra MA R Control panel
1 x Pair C130 safety photocells
2 x Dual channel rolling code Handsets
1 x Radio Antenna

Please note: single gate kits contain 1 x motor.

phobos1   phobos2

Technical details

OperatorPhobosPhobos BT
Power Supply 230v 24Vdc
Absorbed Power 210W 40W
Max. leaf weight 2500N (~250kg) 2500N (~250kg)
Max. leaf length 1.80m 2500N (~250kg)
Rod working stroke 280mm 280mm
Rod Speed 12mm/sec 280mm
Impact Reaction Electronic clutch on control panel Torque limiter on control panel
Manual manoeuvre Mechanical on opening & closing Mechanical on opening and closing
No. operations in 24 hrs 60 60
Environmental conditions From -20°C to +60°C From -20°C to +60°C
Degree of protection IP44 IP44
Operator weight 50 (~5kg) 50 (~5kg)