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Remote Controllers

All our automation kits come complete with two radio controls (handsets). More can be added to your new or existing systems, with around 64 being the maximum. Should you require more than this, then a separate receiver would be required, allowing a massive 2048 handsets. Our modern control boards have built in receiver cards making the need to purchase a separate receiver card and handsets unnecessary, unless as mentioned more than 64 are required.

Now into their third generation, the new handsets have evolved into a smaller, more ergonomic casing. The circuit board and aerial have been modified for optimum range and a new 12v battery replaces the old disc style.

With rolling code security, the uncomplicated tough transmitters are very popular with installers and end users alike.

Not only do we offer the handsets that match the gate automation, we also offer a wide range of handsets from all makes and manufacturers’ including the likes of FAAC, CAME, BENINCA, FADINI, GiBiDi.

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BFT Remote Controls

We also have a large selection of old BFT remotes that can be purchased for existing gate entry system. For further information and prices on these old style handsets, please either telephone or email us for further information and prices.

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Other Remote Controls

If your existing handset is not listed above, please either email or telephone us. Although we may not stock your handset we will be able to organise a replacement.