02 entrance barrier

Types Of Barriers

For residential, commercial, apartment block / multi-user and industrial premises, we provide a wide range of traffic control barriers to suit a variety of applications.

The smaller traffic barrier (MOOVI) is the smallest in the range for moderate to heavy areas of traffic.  A neat and modern design for the more aesthetically sensitive areas with a boom ranging from 3 to 5 metres.

The BGV range of barriers are built from a heavier gauge steel and more robust.  For busy entrances this barrier provides to perfect solution for vehicle control and car park management.  The high torque motor and gearbox and spring assisted which reduces mechanical stress and provides long term reliability.  There are 3 models of BGV available ranging from a 3 to 6 metre boom.

The most recent introduction to the barrier range, the MCV is designed for large spans of up to 8 metres.  The new barrier casing is built with much larger dimensions, creating a rigid and impressive structure to accommodate the long booms.  The 24v DC motor allows for an intensive duty cycle to suit both commercial and industrial applications as well as busy entrances.  The boom ranges from 4 to 8 metres and is considerably faster.

MCL (Michelangelo)Traffic Barrier

The MCL (Michelangelo) is a very popular, intensive use 24v Traffic Barrier. An added security feature is that the traffic barrier will stop and reverse on detecting an obstacle.

  • 3 versions available - 4m, 6m or 8m
  • Rapid movement - 1m per second
  • Excellent safety feature - stops and reverses on detecting an obstacle
  • Fan cooled control panel mounted under hinged lid
  • Boom lighting kit available

Giotto Traffic Barrier

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  • Direct replacement for the Moovi
  • 3m, and 6m versions available
  • Standard and fast models available
  • Stop and Reverse feature
  • Slowdown as standard
  • Boom lighting kit available
  • Fixed rest or swinging leg