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Roller Shutters - Industrial, Commercial & Domestic

Almost all shopping centres make use of the large front wall versions of these roller shutters. Other applications include bar tops, sports complexes, counter tops, bars and clubs, hospitals, fire stations... the list is endless. However, more and more the use of roller shutters has been extended to include garage doors and house windows.

Roller shutters are normally fitted over a window or door and within the ceiling or wall for lower visibility. The tracks are fixed and set-up on the edges of the window or doorway.

Most architects and engineers prefer to use roller shutter doors and windows for its ease of use and installation particularly when adding security features. Moreover, some favour using roller shutters because it can enhances the design and appearance of their houses. Thus, combined with security, adding value to their property.

For its safety features, fire proofing properties and durability, roller shutters are also known to be much welcomed and recommended by the fire and life insurance industry. Modern versions are designed to be made of aluminium for added value, beauty and durability which ensures extended life and protection against UV rays and ever-changing weather conditions.

Roller shutters are already widely marketed and manufactured world-wide. Modern models also have heat insulation features which are known to save energy more efficiently. Roller shutters can also serve as good noise insulators. Aside from all these good and useful benefits, roller shutters also require low-maintenance because they are durable and easy-to-clean.

There are two known types of roller shutters which have different advantages and features. These are the automatic roller shutters and the manual roller shutter types. The automatic type, which is also called the motorised roller shutter or the electronic roller shutter is normally used for large roller shutters and are usually seen in large establishments with very high ceilings. For residential purposes, automatic shutters are often used for the garage. It often makes use of a lever system that is installed with the shutter and electronically controlled using a wall switch or a remote control.

Aside from its many advantageous benefits, roller shutters can also effectively serve as a protection from extreme weather. It also may allow you to enjoy parties without bothering your neighbourhood because the foam-filled roller shutters can also serve as a noise insulator that help keeps the noise down. Best of all it would help you have a good night sleep with its security feature that makes it difficult for burglars and thieves to gain entry to your house.


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