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Electric Swing Gates

Within the swinging gates category there are two decisions to be made.  Firstly, ‘Do you want above ground or below ground motors’?  The second is a choice between ‘Electro-mechanical’ or ‘Hydraulic’ motors for your automatic swing gates.

Electro-mechanical equipment is generally designed for the domestic user and has a duty cycle which suits domestic applications or entrances that are not overly busy throughout the day.Hydraulic equipment is designed for a more demanding duty cycle and is suitable for busy entrances such as car parks, large residential sites and the large heavier prestige gates.The hydraulic gate motors are fully serviceable and if properly installed and maintained, will give many years of quality reliable service.

Above ground motors are fixed to both the gate post and the gate itself.  It is important that they are fitted to specific measurements in relation to the gate hinge. Underground motors fit below ground level and it is important that the operator driveshaft aligns with the gate hinge. Only in exceptional circumstances can this not be the case.

If you cannot decide which system suits your application best, please call us to help us find the application that meets your requirements.

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